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Wireless Remote Control Handset

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Voltage:  2xAAA, 1.5V.
Warranty:  3 years.

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The Wireless Remote Control Handset allows through the Wireless Wall Mounting Reciver comfortable hand turning on or off an appliance (heater usually) or starting the “TIMER” program - the heater is put into operation and turns off automatically after 2 hours. Combining the Wireless Wall Mounting Reciver with the Wireless Remote Control Handset is ideal for supplemental zone heating.

ATTENTION: In this combination, neither the Wireless Wall Mounting Reciver nor the Wireless Remote Control Handset scan any temperature. If the heater is not equipped with a built-in thermostat, it is operated only in the On/Off mode, without dependence on air temperature or design.

Technical Details:

  • Working temperature range:  0 – 40°C.
  • Power Supply: 2AAA LRO3 1.5V Alkaline
  • Radio Frequency and RF Receiving distance:  868MHz < 10mW (Bidirectional communication). Range of approximately 100m in open space. Range of approximately 30m in residential environment.
  • Electrical protection:  Class II – IP30.
  • Norms and Approvals:  EN 60730-1 : 2003; EN 61000-6-1 : 2002; EN 61000-6-3 : 2004; EN 61000-4-2 : 2001.

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