Anti-Condensation Paint

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Quick overview

Pack Size: 5l.
Finish: Matt.
Coverage: 6 m²/l.
Touch dry: 2 hours.
Recoat time: 4 hours.
Water based, 24 colours available.

Offering premium quality, very low odour levels and maximum performance, you can be Anti Condensation Paintwill prevent future condensation problems such as mould, blistering paint, discolouration and staining  –  with just 2 coats. 

Anti Condensation is the perfect answer for applications requiring long lasting protection from continuous and severe condensation. It also provides high thermal insulation. This emulsion paint is the perfect answer for applications requiring long lasting mould resistant paint that protects from continuous and severe condensation.

Use in kitchens and bathrooms in homes, hotels, schools, universities, restaurants, service stations, gyms, swimming pools and spas.


  • Heat loss reducing insulating paint.
  • Reduces severe condensation problems.
  • Durable anti mould paint.
  • Less energy needed so reduces heating bills.
  • Can be used as wall paint as well as ceiling paint.
  • Helps prevent unsightly toxic mould.
  • Lowest cost wall & ceiling thermal insulation.
  • Water based acrylic paint, therefore eco friendly.
  • Easy to use for all painters and decorators.

Technical Details:

  • Application method: Brush, Roller, Spray.
  • Coverage: up to 3.5 m² per litre with the recommended minimum of two coats.
  • A 5L tub will cover up to 17 m² with 2 coats.
  • If spray painting - filters MUST be removed and nozzle size increased to between 0.019X to 0.026X.
  • Can be painted on top of lining paper, wallpaper already painted with another emulsion and non-blown vinyl wallpapers.
  • should not be applied to “blown vinyl” wallpapers which absorb the paint and leave the insulating micro technology as a residue which will later become dispersed.
  • Painting new plaster requires a mist coat application, a coating that is one part paint and one part water, only then the rest of the insulating paint can be applied.

Surface Preparation:

Ensure surfaces are clean and dry before painting, with all loose and defective paint / paper removed.
If necessary, wash surface to remove dirt, grease and powdery or dusty residues. Rinse with clean water and allow to dry. Surfaces that remain powdery after thorough preparation will need to be treated with appropriate plaster sealer or primer. All surface defect should be filled with appropriate wall / plaster filler.

Delivery time: 1-3 Business Days.

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