Electric Radiator Panel Heater Wall Convector Radiator 24/7 LOT20 Digital Control

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Quick overview

Protection: IP24
Power: 1000W.
Warranty: 2 year. Heating element life expectancy 25 years

It is no coincidence that electric convectors of the Heat Max series have a trapezoidal shape of the body, because it contributes to an increased convection speed and increases the efficiency of heating. Wide at the base, with a smooth narrowing in the upper part, the Heat Max series convectors perform air convection at an increased speed, based on Homogeneous flow technology, due to which hot air flow is evenly distributed inside the convection chamber. In addition, the device ionizes the air, making it more clean, fresh, eliminating unpleasant odors and reducing the activity of bacteria. 
2 YEAR GUARANTEE: For your peace of mind we offer a 24 month warranty on our Ballu Electric Panel heater. Heating element life expectancy 25 years.
Complying with new Lot 20 of ERP "Eco Design" Directive, these are the most up to date ENERGY EFFICENT heaters on the market.



  • Type: convector
  • Power: 1000W/1500W/2000W (please choose from drop-down menu)
  • Heating Element: Double-G-Force
  • Number of heating modes: 2
  • Programmes: 6
  • Management: electronic
  • Heating element: Double-G-Force
  • Installation:  wall (brackets included), floor
  • Mobility: fixed installation, the free movement
  • Management:  electronic


Technical Details:

Heat capacity:
- 15 square meters (1000W)
- 20 square meters (1000W)
- 25 square meters (2000W)

Heater Size (WxHxD)(mm.):
1000W - 480x410x85
1500W - 610x410x85
2000W - 800x410x85

Thermostat:     Yes
Timer:    Yes
Display:    Yes
Overheat protection:    Yes
Protection from burns:    Yes
Protection from dust and moisture:    available (IP24)
Freeze protection:    Yes
Roll over protection:    Yes
Color:    white

Weight:    3,5 kg.
LOT20: Yes

Additional Function : Auto Restart allows for unplanned outages automatically switch the unit on with the preservation of existing at the time of shut down settings. Feet and wall mounting kit included. Extra long 1.2m cable and UK Plug.

Delivery time: Next Business Day.

Customer Reviews

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Just the job Review by LongShanks
Purchased just in time for the cold weather. Have only just used it but so far - so good. (Posted on 30/07/2019)
Best buy in a long time Review by Jack B
Honestly this radiator has been a life saver for me, we have a balcony that looks onto a river and there's always a draft coming in there's no stopping it. When I place this by the balcony doors it stops all the heat escaping and heats the room up very nicely. Very mobile I take it to my room when I go to sleep easily, takes less that 5 minutes to heat up. (Posted on 04/07/2019)
Love it. great price and very speedy delivery A+++ Review by Chips Maguire
Superb product, the heat, even on low, is quite surprising we've actually had to keep turning down thermostat as the room is too warm, Love it.
great price and very speedy delivery A+++ (Posted on 08/05/2019)

3 Item(s)

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