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Infrared Portable Picture Panel

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Size: 570x1000mm.
Weight: 0.740kg.
Power: 450W.
Protection: IP24 Rating.
19 Design Choices.
Warranty: 2 year.

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Compact, mobile, high-efficiency Infrared Technologies panel heaters for any purpose,with a UK 3 pin plug!
The purpose of the Infrared wall-based heaters is to heat dwelling spaces, offices, as well as local heating. The heaters are exceptionally simple and can operate without thermostat control - just plug them in the socket!


  • Minimum electric power consumption - only 450 W
  • A unique carbon fibre able to withstand temperatures above 1000°С are used for heaters-posters manufacturing!
  • Heaters are safe - the surface temperature is not higher than 75°С
  • Due to the special design the performance coefficient is over 95%
  • The frames are made of natural wood
  • The heaters do not occupy much living space - they can be rolled and stored compactly when necessary

Technical Details:

  • Heated area: up to 8-12m2
  • Consumed power 450 W Surface temperature ≤ 75 С° 
  • Warm-up time 1-3 min Operation mode - long-term Protection IP20 
  • Dimensions (mm): 1000/570/30 Weight (кг): 0.75

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