Dimplex Quantum Storage Heater 700W

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Quick overview

Size: 730(h)x703(w)x185(d)mm.
Power: 700W.
Installed Weight: 83kg.
Warranty: 2 year.

The Quantum storage heater by Dimplex is one of the most efficient and effective storage heaters to hit the market. First of all it boasts a more compact and better insulating inner core, which means that it can store up to 70% of useful heat. Quantum is up to 27% cheaper to run and uses 22% less energy than comparable storage heater systems

Like the fan-assisted storage heater, the Quantum heater also has a fan based system to distribute the heat. Where it goes beyond most of these models is that it not only has sophisticated heating controls, namely a very impressive LCD screen and dials to give power to the user, but the charge controller is fairly advanced, which means that the heater has inbuilt algorithms that enable it to learn the heating habits of the domestic user. Old style heaters relied on output dials, which estimated the local room temperature – a very ineffective way to run a heating system.

Where the Quantum is also good is that it has an additional energy management system, which consists of a separate wall device which plugs into the telephone socket, then ‘two-way’ communicating with your energy company to optimise the periods when it is charging and when it is not.


  • Uses off-peak tariffs for low running costs - on a room-by-room basis it is expected that 90% of the heating requirement will be met by off-peak energy
  • Up to 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heater system*
  • Automatically adjusts to the user's needs through its dynamic storage capacity
  • Fitted with our revolutionary iQ controller which enables heating requirements to be pre-set.
  • Precisely matches the user's chosen heating profile
  • Easy-to-use, electronic user interface with LCD display complete with:
    - room temperature setting
    - seven-day programmer
    - installer settings
  • Designed to operate on any off-peak tariff
  • Fan-assisted output for extremely rapid heat-up time
  • Soft-start, ultra quiet fan for minimum intrusion
  • Boost element ensures heat is always available even with unexpected demand
  • Compact design (no deeper than a double wet radiator) with flexible mounting options and adjustable feet positions
  • Covers previous ‘fixing marks' of most comparably sized traditional storage heaters


Technical Details:

  • Controls: Electronic user interface with LCD display offering room temperature setting, 7 day programmer, installer settings, 3 pre-set timer profiles, holiday setting and more.
  • Charge Controller : Fully automatic charge controller incorporates self learning algorithms to optimise daily energy storage, using multiple sensors to automatically adjust the charge taken based on recent energy use patterns and future programmed requirements.
  • Thermostat: Electronic - capable of maintaining a room temperature to +/-0.3°C.
  • Thermal Overload Protection :Electromechanical limit thermostat (self resetting). Electromechanical cut-out (manual reset).  Electromechanical over temperature thermostat for fan. Electromechanical over temperature limit thermostat for fan.
  • Fan : Low rev/low noise heat circulation fan with variable speed and soft start.
  • Thermal Insulation : Front, rear, top and ends - microporous silica.  Base - calcium silicate slab.
  • Storage Core: High density bonded magnetite energy cells
  • Colour/Finish: White.
  • Supply: 230-240V / 50Hz. Off peak +24 hour supply required
  • Battery Backup: 3.3V coin cell battery to backup real time clock. Battery life > 5 years
  • Approvals : BEAB / EN60335 / EMC / CE
  • Warranty : 2 years, plus an additional 8 years on registration. Terms and conditions apply. Click here for details.

Delivery time: 1-2 Business Days.

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