ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation

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Quick overview

Dimensions: 1250mm X 800mm.
Thickness: 6mm.

ECOMAX-LITE Thermal Insulation is an extruded polystyrene insulation material for use below wood or laminate floors in conjunction with ECOFILM SET underfloor heating elements. ECOMAX-LITE is available in 6mm thick sheets and is manufactured from recycled material free from ozone depleting chemicals.

Produced from a closed cell construction foamed polystyrene it has excellent thermal insulation properties. It MUST be used below all ECOFIlM SET heating systems.

Each board covers 1m2, simply order the number of boards you require for your chosen floor area adding approximately 10% for cutting wastage.

Where threshold height limitations permit in conservatories we recommend installing a double layer of ECOMAX-LITE insulation.


  • 6mm thick;
  • Excellent moisture resistance;
  • Excellent sound insulation;
  • Levels small floor imperfections;
  • Suitable for most floor constructions;
  • Easy to work with - cut with a knife;
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.

Technical Details

  • Dimensions: 800mm x 1250mm x 6mm; 
  • Material: close cell foamed polystyrene;
  • Density : 40Kg/m3;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.035W/moK.

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Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Peter Chandler posted on 17 Jun, 2019
good board for minor jobs. The listed dimensions are true to the product, which arrived in a fantastic time. It was very well packaged to protect it from any dents and dings, and I was very pleased when I received it to see such care taken. The material itself has done a good job of excluding radiating cold from an outer wall in the main bedroom. My bed is pressed up against said wall, and my other half was complaining of aching arms in the morning. After installing the board, there are no problems whatsoever. It is durable and easy to install, a simple Google will help you to find tips on how to install insulation board, should it not be something you have done before. All in all, it is a good quality, fairly priced product that I would not hesitate to buy again.
Dave posted on 17 Jun, 2019
10/10 - Top product.
J. Witt posted on 13 Feb, 2019
Good quality foam

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