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Manual Thermostatic Valve

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Used for Boiler.

15mm mixing valve.
Temperature adjustment 30-50°C.


Adjustable thermostatic mixing valve is used in systems that produce hot water for sanitary purposes with a water storage heater.

They are designed to maintain the preset temperature of the mixed water delivered to the user despite variations in the temperature of the water contained in the storage.

Technical data:

  • Temperature adjustment 30°C-50°C.
  • Temperature stability: +2°C:
  • Maximum hot water inlet temperature - 85°C.
  • Maximum operating pressure (static) - 10 bar.
  • Minimum inlet pressure (dynamic) - 0.2 bar.
  • Minimum temperature differental to achieve failsafe: 10°C.
  • Maximum pressure inlte differental: 5:1.
  • WRAS approved

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