Infrared Heating Film For Ceiling

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Quick overview

Length: 25.0m .
Width range: 300/400/450/600 mm.
Power: 200W/m².
Approved to: EN60335-2-96.
Warranty: 10 year.

ECOFILM Infrared Technolgies ceiling heating film uses low temperature electric heating film installed in the ceiling to provide a natural, comfortable indoor heating warmth at low cost. It is rated at 200Watts/m2.

ECOFILM Infrared Technolgies ceiling heating film, unlike other systems which heat and circulate air, functions in the same way as the sun. The ceiling film radiates heat downwards.

ECOFILM Infrared Technolgies ceiling heating film is suitable for both new build and renovation projects. It provides an ideal heat source in domestic applications in small rooms (i.e attic conversions) as well as whole house heating. In the commercial environment it is ideal to heat larger rooms in shops, offices, school class rooms and corridors where it provides excellent heat distribution and obstruction freebroom layouts.


  • Approved to EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671:2008)
  • Completely invisible & unobtrusive heating - Allows more flexibility with room layouts
  • Versatile heating - Suitable for new build and renovation projects
  • Gentle warmth with high user comfort
  • Health benefits - A draft and dust free enviroment

Accessories (please choose from drop-down menu)

Crimp Connector

Infrared Technologies Terminal Connector (Clamp) used for connect underfloor heating film with wire. For electrical installation of carbon heating film.

Please NOTE this clips should go between two layers of heating film. Crimping tool or pliers required for installation. After installation this connection need to be secure with black Mastic Tape (please see in our eBay shop).

Crimp Cover

Female PVC Covers to take cable size 1.5mm

Clear Insulating Tape for terminating cut elements

Clear PVC Tape is manufactured in a MATT Finish and is semi invisible when applied. A translucent tape which is flame retardant, falling into the self extinguishing category. Stabilised against UV degradation. 25mm x 66M. Used for the repair of polythene sheeting, splicing of continuous process films e.g. polythene, PVC etc. Repair and protection of documents, maps etc. A DIY product for semi-invisible repairs. Electrical insulation work.

Cold Tail Cable (blue/brown)

Cold leads used to connect infrared heating film.

Green Termination Disks

Used as termination disk

Crimping Tool

Crimping Tool for use with connection crimps when connecting wires. Ideal crimping tool for use in the installation of an underfloor heating.

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Sun in my house :) Review by SARA
Installed this product over the last few days and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the instructions and also how much Lina helped with my questions pre-purchase - it gave a level of confidence in purchasing the heating.

The actually ordered 2, one 6msq and a 10msq - both were well packed and arrived on time. Installation was easy! I am an average DIYer - just remember that to do this properly you need to cut a channel in the wall for the RCD unit and the thermostat. Also you need to cut a channel to make sure the wire from the heater and the temperature probe are both at floor level and not protruding - that aside, it was plain sailing with the installation - just remember to follow the instructions and test/record the resistance on the instructions book before installation. (Posted on 03/06/2019)

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