Nobo EcoHub WIFI Energy Management System Control via Smartphone

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Quick overview

Size: 145(l)x92(h)x30(d)mm.
Radio frequency: 868.4 MHz.
Weight: 0.138kg.

The Nobo EcoHub Central Contoller and Transmitter for use with Nobo Recievers NCU1R and NCU2R.

The Nobo Hub is a wireless energy management system that gives the whole family control of the heat in your home. Download the app for smartphones or tablets from the App Store or Google Play

Installation of the Nobo Energy Control System will provide you with energy savings without sacrificing your thermal comfort

How does it Work?

The Nobo EcoHub is connected to a wireless router with a network cable and communicates wirelessly via the app and radio signal to the various receivers mounted on the radiators, lamps or other electrical appliances (eg coffee makers).

The system can also be overridden manually with the freedom of a battery-powered switch panel; The Nobo SWITCH allows anyone to override the system and adjust the temperature without  accessing the app on smartphone or tablet . Nobo SWITCH sold separately.


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