Q-Rad Electric Radiator 2000W

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Quick overview

Size: 546(h)x918(w)x105(d)mm.
Power: 2000W.
Weight: 11.0kg.
Warranty: 2 year.

The new attractive Dimplex Q-Rad or Quantum QRAD150 Electric Radiator is perfect for a wide range of applications. Besides its incredible performance and stylish looks, Q-Rad's main feature is intelligent control system. Dimplex Q-Rad combines the latest, most advanced technologies to give you maximum control over your heating. Choose when you want heat and at what temperature using the intuitive Heater Control. Then sit back and let Q-Rad take care of the rest. Dubbed 'the electric radiator with a brain', Dimplex Q-Rad monitors the effect of its actions on a room's temperature. It knows precisely how long it takes to get to the desired temperature and when to turn off as it approaches that target temperature. This minimises the energy that it uses while maximising comfort - keeping you warm for the lowest possible cost.

Should a window or door be left open accidentally, Dimplex Q-Rad will detect a sudden change in temperature and scale back the output to 50%. Once the window or door has been closed, Q-Rad will return to normal operation. This technology ensures the output from the heater is reduced when heat is escaping from a room, thereby avoiding wastage and saving you money.

Dimplex Q-Rad features an easy to activate Child Lock to prevent little hands from tinkering with your settings and comes with with four pre-programmed timer modes: Out All Day, Home All Day, Holiday and Use Timer. The times of these may be modified to suit your lifestyle, plus there's a handy Advance function that lets you change your settings temporarily. Other features include:


  • Highly accurate electronic thermostat (to +/-0.2oC).
  • Advanced touch control system offering temperature selection and preset programmes for maximum control with complete flexibility.
  • 24-hour and 7-day timer control ensures suitability for domestic and commercial applications.
  • 'Eco-Start' delayed anticipatory control - the heater decides when to turn on to ensure target temperature is achieved at the selected time.
  • Instant warmth through Dual-Element Technology, providing the perfect balance of convection and radiant heat.
  • Open Window Technology automatically reduces output to prevent heat loss if a window is left open, thereby saving you money.
  • Low thermal heat mass, providing:
    - Faster room heat up time and lower energy consumption than fluid-filled electric radiator with comparable output.
    - Responsive reaction to changes in temperature to prevent overheating and energy wastage.
  • BEAB approved.

Technical Details:

  • Thermostat: Electronic type, accurate to +/-0.2
  • Convector Element: Compact, finned, mineral-filled sheathed type, providing virtually silent operation.
  • Radiant Element: Encapsulated element fixed to the inside of the front panel, covering the whole fascia.                                                                              
  • Thermal Cutout: Two auto reset cut-outs, one for each element. Thermal fuse protection on front element.                                                                                     
  • Construction: Durable epoxy-polyester powder coated steel casing, with upwardfacing grille. Temperature resistant nylon thermoplastic moulded parts.
  • Colour/Finish: White                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Installation: Supplied with metal wall bracket.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  • Electrical connections: 1.0m, 4 core cable (live, neutral, earth, pilot) supplied fitted to each heater.                                                                                                                      
  • IP rating: Splashproof IPX4.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
  • Approvals: CE and BEAB

Delivery time: 1-2 Business Days.

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